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Enjoy the comforts of a real own apartment and make holidays in your vacation domicile - you can rent inexpensive and excellently equipped holiday apartments and holiday houses that you can rent at a reasonable price. We have listed for you offers from many countries in various locations, equipment and price categories - look around for a non-committal offer and see for yourself what great and individual holiday accommodations are available for you and your family at your holiday destination.

Individual holidays in the holiday house or holiday apartment!


Its many islands, the blue sea, the beautiful beaches and historical sites guarantee a dream holiday that will be unforgettable.


A fascinating country for learning and experiencing - dreamlike coastal landscapes and interesting sights!


Explore countless cultural places, enjoy a relaxing beach holiday or enjoy Italian cuisine - Italy is always worth a visit!


Discover France with its sights and beautiful holiday regions - culinary delights and historical places.


From the Danube to the Alps, Austria has a lot to offer - enjoy one of the most beautiful countries in Europe as if they were at home there.


The land of the valleys and mountains with its fairytale landscapes and crystal clear lakes - here you will be in the midst of this beautiful country.


With its beautiful coastline and old venerable cities, Croatia is always an experience - the Croatian coast is incomparable.


You can find pretty cities, steep coastlines and sandy beaches here - good food and melancholic songs make every evening a feast!


A large part of the country is just above sea level, a small part even below - with the boat or bike explore this country!

Great Britain

Live in the middle of the country and experience the swinging London or explore interesting sites and the history of England.


If you are planning an individual holiday, Finland is the best advice - solitude in nature is pure relaxation for stressed city-dwellers.


The land of innumerable fjords with fish-rich waters offers many opportunities for nature lovers to experience an interesting holiday.

Affordable apartments in Europe and worldwide!

If you book the holiday apartment or book the holiday home, then it is immediately reserved for you and your dream holiday is secured with it ! Your reservation will be immediately confirmed and you only have to make a small deposit on the booking - the rest of the rent for the apartment or the cottage will be paid just before the trip. You will see how easy booking your holiday accommodation is with us - we only work with reputable tour operators and landlords who we have known for a long time and we are convinced that our offers are of high quality and we will give you a relaxing holiday in your apartment or your holiday home! We wish you a pleasant stay in the holiday accommodation of your choice and if you are satisfied then we are looking forward to booking your next holiday apartment or vacation home!

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Holiday home in holiday home or holiday home

We offer you holidays in your own home with the same comfort as they are accustomed to at home. In our catalog you will find offers from the holiday apartment to the big apartment, from the holiday home to the villa! Spend your holidays with your family or friends in Europe or in the world - we offer you the opportunity to spend a relaxing holiday as free as you want. The favorable price and the equipment of the cottages and holiday apartments in our offer will surely convince you!

ATRAVEO Ferienhaus und Ferienwohnung

Comfort on holiday with holiday apartment or holiday home

In the holiday planning, different criteria play an important role and if a holiday in a hotel, pension or on the campsite for various reasons is not in question then vacation apartment or vacation home is a real alternative! For here you can determine your daily routine yourself and retreat in the evening to your own four walls. What better way to spend an interesting holiday relaxing on the terrace or the balcony. Not only that you can enjoy the comforts of home in a holiday apartment, but also that you have better space and of course to your own taste either according to the offers of the country or brought along brought food may be worth considering.

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TUIVILLAS Ferienhaus und Ferienwohnung

Holiday home or cottage is family friendly

Especially when you are traveling with your own family, the accommodation plays a significant role. So there should be enough room for everyone and the children can feel at home in their own rooms. And so it is not surprising that more and more families escape the hustle and bustle of the hotel and spend their holidays in an apartment or a holiday home. Here parents and children have so much space that the holiday is relaxing for all and the leisure activities do not come short. Since the accommodations are usually very centrally located you can easily explore the surrounding area with your own vehicle and you can return to your own home in the evening - you feel like at home in the holiday resort! In most cases, there are playgrounds, swimming pool, garage, barbecue etc.. And the best thing is that one depending on the amount of the rent a equipment gets the absolutely equal. You can not make your holiday more comfortable than in an apartment or a holiday home and feel like you are in your own four walls.

Family-friendly apartments and holiday homes can be found here ! - Wir machen Sie zum Gewinner

Holiday rental or holiday home is better!

But even if you want to make a holiday with your friends or your relatives, renting a holiday home or apartment can be useful if you have to look at the costs or if you just want to stay underneath. In any case it is worth a price comparison and we are of the opinion that our catalog has so much to offer what meets all wishes - so look nevertheless times without obligation purely with us.

Are you looking for cheap and well-equipped apartments and holiday houses?
Here you will find a large selection in many countries!
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